Monday, January 16, 2006

Harris Miller Playing Softball: Says Yes to Cell Phone Privacy

The Harris Miller campaign seems in no hurry to inform the voters of his platform in his bid for the US Senate in Virginia.

While ignoring hot issues like offshoring and guest worker programs that he supported while a lobbyist for the ITAA, he starts his campaign off with a slow-pitch: Miller calls for legislation to prohibit data brokers from selling an individual's cell phone calling record except for legitimate law enforcement, homeland security, or national security reasons.

As long as the Miller campaign is playing political softball -no whiffle ball, I have some other issues he may want to consider for his platform:
  • Ban on puppy juggling
  • Pledge to oppose terrorism
  • Strong opposition to child pornography
  • Voter rights

I think the goal of the campaign should be to pick topics that nobody opposes, and then act indignant about some fake advesary who opposes those things.

Sure cell phone privacy is important, but it isn't a controversial issue and unrelated to why he should be the next US Senator from Virginia. Miller should pick some tough issues and argue in favor of those. Let's see how he handles pressure, and if he will defend offshoring American jobs to cheap foreign destinations.

More to come on Harris Miller, assuming he puts his campaign into gear --any gear. Right now it looks like he is in park and still has the emergency brake set. It's kind of like worm racing.


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