Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Infosys Technologies Facing Class Action Lawsuit; Avoids paying overtime

I have learned that a legal team specializing in overtime law in California is seeking to force Infosys to pay current and former employees backpay for unpaid overtime through a class-action lawsuit.

I have provided more information below from their website and would encourage those who were not paid as required by law to pay special attention to your rights if you worked or currently work for Infosys in California:

A leading law firm is investigating claims against Infosys offices in California for allegedly not paying overtime wages to immigrant computer programmers. Infosys has been a leader in off-shore outsourcing and has been taking outsourcing a step further by sponsoring foreign citizens for H-1B temporary visas, in which there is a nationwide limit of only 65,000 (+20,000 US Graduate Students) issued per year.

It is alleged that computer workers from India and other countries are brought here on H-1B and paid considerably more than in their native country but considerably less than other workers and less than the exempt-status requirement.

California Labor Laws protect employees from unfair business practices such as unpaid overtime and benefits. California Labor Code 515.5 states that employees in the computer software field may be exempt from overtime pay if they meet several requirements. One exempt-status requirement involves hourly wages: “The employee's hourly rate of pay is not less than forty-one dollars ($47.81), or the annualized full-time salary equivalent of that rate.”

If a California-based employee, whether a U.S. citizen or foreign citizen holding a H-1B visa, works in computer software and is not paid at least $47.81 per hour or the annual salary equivalent of approximately $99,445, and works more than 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week, they may be entitled to overtime wages. In addition, the Department of Labor imposed wage requirements on employers of H-1B workers.

Infosys Technologies Ltd., an IT services and business consulting company, employs more than 49,000 employees worldwide and has billion dollar annual revenues. Infosys holds their corporate office in Bangalore, India with California offices in Silicon Valley - Fremont, Berkeley Heights, and Lake Forest.

If you are an employee of Infosys Technologies in California and make less than $47.81 per hour and do not receive overtime wages, you may qualify for damages or remedies that may be awarded in a possible Infosys Unpaid Overtime lawsuit.

Click here to submit your complaint through a secure form and United Employees Law Group will contact you.


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