Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tata informer provides insider documentation

As I recently reported, Tata is requiring employees to hand over their tax returns for themselves and their spouses to the company. This is a violation of a number of laws, which has resulted in a class-action lawsuit. I am hopefull that the federal government considers RICO or labor violations against the company; someone should go to prison over this abuse.

I recently was contacted by a Tata informant who provided the documentation the company requires their employees to fill out.

First, Tata requires (or required, presuming the policy has now changed) that employees sign a power of attorney when filing their tax returns. I have posted this document online (link).

Tata will use an accounting firm for this; the document I recieved via an informer includes links to this accounting firm:

DeFINO & D'ELIA (Certified Public Accountants)

I have no reason to believe the accounting firm had knowledge of this; I am sure their role will be discovered in court. For now I will presume that they did not know what was occuring as
doing otherwise could be construed as libel.

The other document that comes with this details the instructions and requirement to file power of attorney for both the employee and spouse. Quoting the pdf (link):

Power of Attorney is required to be submitted by an employee with the Company
in fevour of DeFino & D’Elia, company’s Certified Public Accountant
authorizing them to represent before IRS. The POA also helps the designated
Certified Public Accountant to attend to any queries raised by the IRS after the
return is submitted.

Power of Attorney is to be signed by the spouse. This is a must for filing the
return as "Married Filing Jointly".

The next form you should peruse are guidelines for Tata spouses (link).

It is general practice in the US that a married tax payer files tax return jointly with spouse. It is therefore preferable that Associates must file a tax return as ‘Married filing Jointly’ including Spouse’s Income.

I am posting this information for one simple reason: Tata should be shamed publicly for what they have done. I expect them to either settle or lose the lawsuit, but I don't expect the media or government to punish them for their horrible treatment of foreign guest workers. Shame on them.


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