Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yahoo cracks down on free speech - snitches on Chinese dissident

Yahoo appears to be involved in another case of providing information to the Communist Chinese government which resulted in the imprisonment of yet another dissident who wants democracy in his nation.

According to Reuters "The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders said it had obtained a copy of the verdict showing that Yahoo! Holdings (Hong Kong) helped Chinese police to identify Jiang by confirming that the e-mail account ZYMZd2002 had been used jointly by Jiang and another pro-democracy activist Li Yibing."

Microsoft shut down an activists website in December at the request of the Chinese government. I wonder if Bill Gates and Chinese President Hu Jintao discussed this issue over tea while dining together yesterday, or if the talks were aimed at billion dollar deals. Gates became the richest man on Earth because he lives in such a great nation - I would hope he would impart our democratic ideals on President Jintao while dining together. Censorship and imprisonment of freedom seekers has no place in a democracy.

If the technology companies won't regulate themselves, Congress should pass laws preventing these companies from conspiring with the Communists to oppress freedoms.


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