Thursday, June 01, 2006

Supporting Jim Webb for US Senate

I am reposting a letter to activists and academics that I sent out today encouraging them to support Jim Webb for the US Senate in Northern Virginia. If you would like to participate, please email me at so that I can get the details out to you. Remove the extra characters from the email address of course.

Hello fellow activists and distinguised leaders in academia,

It isn't often that we get this chance to defeat ITAA lobbyist Harris Miller in such a direct way. The next two weeks is our opportunity to do just that - to send an anti-worker industry lobbyist home with his tail between his legs. Please help us in making calls to Virginia Democrats in support of Jim Webb so that we can defeat our long-time opponent!

I can't think of a single person getting this email who supports Harris Miller - he is or course a direct threat to our profession. But in addition to opposing Harris Miller, I want to give you a reason to support Jim Webb. The reason I am personally supporting Jim Webb is because he has promised to be a leader in the fight against outsourcing American jobs and the related issue of insourcing. In addition to that he is a genuine American hero who served as a U.S. Marine in the Vietnam war. Jim Webb later served as the Secretary of the Navy and went on to write a novel which became a blockbuster film starring Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson - "Rules of Engagement". Did I mention he is opposed to outsourcing American jobs?

The choice is simple - a war hero opposed to outsourcing American jobs or an industry lobbyist who has turned outsourcing our jobs into a career. Unfortunately the industry lobbyist has a war-chest of money and he is spending big time in attack ads. The threat is real and I am counting on a former Marine to neutralize it.

Jim Webb is also counting on us, so let's show him and the Democratic party that technology professionals, activists, and academia are able to mobilize and become a respected force in politics today. Our reputation and ability to be taken seriously by politicians depends on your actions NOW, and in this case there is no later. Send Congress a message that we matter and that our profession should be taken seriously! If we are able to mobilize and impact this campaign, our message will be heard loud and clear.

Activists -- Please forward the email pasted below which was sent to us from the Field Director of the Webb campaign, and is intended to be sent to all American technology professionals. We need your help in getting the word out! We have talked the talk now let's walk the walk!!!

Best Regards,

Roy Lawson


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