Wednesday, May 10, 2006

End of The Road for Harris Miller Campaign?

May 10th - my birthday - looks to be a good day this year. In what I consider great news on a day that often needs good news, it appears that Harris Miller may be nearly obsolete in the Virginia Democratic party primaries for U.S. Senate where he faces Jim Webb, with the winner facing Republican Senator George Allen. Webb netted some major endorsements today which in my view guarantees an Allen vs. Webb senate race later this year.

National democrats are moving away from Harris Miller. Current or former Senators supporting Webb's run include Harry Reid, Tom Daschle, Dick Durbin, Christopher Dodd, Ken Salazar, Tim Johnson, and Max Cleland.

I believe that they have heard our message loud and clear and would not want to poison the Democratic party with such a rabidly anti-middle class candidate. Harris Miller has a long history of supporting the offshoring of American jobs and has opposed measures to protect both guest workers and American labor from abuses of the H-1b and L1 visa programs - something both Americans and foreign workers agree exists.

Harris Miller is a former president for the ITAA which is a powerful technology industry lobbyist group. Jim Webb on the other hand "is a decorated Marine, former Secretary of the Navy and Assistant Secretary of Defense, an award-winning author and widely respected journalist." In addition to that Webb "was awarded, among other decorations, the Navy Cross and Silver Star for valor as a Marine."

So in this case we have a war hero running against an industry lobbyist. I think that Virginia Democrats are smart enough to pick a real candidate and not another lobbyist in the primaries.


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