Saturday, July 22, 2006

ITAA: "Raise small business size standards"

And ITAA press release expresses their desire to raise size standards for the classification of small businesses. This federal government offers incentives for contracts to go to smaller companies as the vast majority of contracts go to larger corporations as it stands. The ITAA wishes to more than double size standards for small businesses - from the current standard of $23 million to $50 million USD.

The government currently sets aside contracts for small businesses. I don't think the government should raise the number of small business contracts awarded by relaxing the standards. The ITAA is wrong on this issue and such a measure will harm truly small businesses who need protections from the goliaths dominating this market.

Instead of relaxing standards, the government should require even more contracts be set aside for small business. The ITAA is hardly representative of such a group.


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