Saturday, April 22, 2006

2006 Q1 IT Jobs Report by Roy Lawson

Today marks the release of the Q1 2006 IT Jobs Report by myself:

I will be releasing quarterly jobs reports and be giving more coverage to the IT jobs situation; the report will be released quarterly while this blog will serve to provide information between such releases and further analysis and opinion of the results.

In summary, Q1 of 2006 appears to be the point where IT jobs have broken even. This comes after drops in the H-1b visa in 2003 from 195,000 to current numbers of 65,000 and a better economy.

On the down side, jobs in the software occupations have seen a reduction of 4% in total employment since 2000 to current date while on up side IT management occupations appear to be experiencing strong gains.

If you are in the IT industry or considering a career in the industry this report is a must read.


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